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Restaurante Los Girasoles

Very cheap restaurant with a set menu (menú del día)
Restaurante Los Girasoles

Restaurante Los Girasoles:
Very cheap restaurant with a set menu (menú del día)

Calle San Juan de Dios, 24

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Albayzin I used to come here 19 years ago when I first came to Granada. I rediscovered it a few months ago. It was still as good as before. It's more of a canteen than a restaurante.

I normally have paella for starters followed by boquerones the a cafe con leche instead of a postre.

On Sunday the price is 1 euro higher but the food is slightly better. The normal price is 7 euros.

Alhambra This restaurant is not designed for tourists. It attracts people who work and live in the barrio, so it has to have good prices and good food to keep them coming back every day.

There is no written menu you have to know enough Spanish to choose what to eat.

Albayzin The "facade"
Make sure you go to the right place.
Some other places in this street are awful.

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Overall 9.5
Food 10
Service 10
Atmosphere 10
Value 9
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