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Restaurante Meknes-Rahma

Meknes-Rahma Morrocan Restaurant in Sacromonte Granada
Restaurante Meknes-Rahma

Restaurante Meknes-Rahma :
Meknes-Rahma Morrocan Restaurant in Sacromonte Granada

Peso de Harina, 1
958 227 430

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Albayzin Meknes Rahma Morrocan Restaurant in Sacromonte Granada offering a wide variety of recipes such as Harira, Couscous, Pastela, Moroccan sweets and mint tea. Alcohol is not served.

Alhambra When the weather is good it is possible to sit outside. The 31 minibus goes past every 15 minutes. If you don't fancy a full meal can just have a mint tea with a Morrocan biscuit.

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This restaurant has been reviewed by 5 people. The figures on the right are the average score out of 10 based on all reviews. There are 5 reviews in English and 0 in Spanish.
Overall 5
Food 5
Service 5
Atmosphere 5
Value 4
Comments of Trevor from Wales
Last Visit: December 2008
We had the menu del dia advertised on the chalk board for 9.50 euros which turned out to be nearer 11 becuase they had not mentioned the IVA tax. The houmous had almost no garlic in it so it tasted like baby food. The rest of the meal was unimpressive. We were not allowed to have a glass of tap water. It was cold becuase they did not put the heating on. The restaurant was empty except for us, I don't think many locals would be tempted to eat there more than once at that price/quality ratio. On a positive note the interior decor was good and gave a strong oriental feeling.
Overall 1.75
Food 2
Service 3
Atmosphere 1
Value 1
Comments of Patrice from Wirral, UK
Last Visit: October 2011
Chanced on this little place for lunch; it exceeded expectations. We are not very familiar with north African food, but we found it delicious and would love to revisit. Decor is attractive and service was couteous. Given the quality, I would say good value for money.
Overall 8
Food 9
Service 8
Atmosphere 7
Value 8
Comments of lagitana from US
Last Visit: December 2010
CAREFUL!...though the restaurant is well decorated and in a great location, these guys are full of scams. IVA should be included in the price on the menus which they then add again at bill time. Our experience was on new years eve when we went to the restaurant with the flyer in hand that we had been presented by a staff member. They intentionally played with words on the flyer as to hide costs and then attempted to scam several tables by adding additional fees, though the flyer clearly stated IVA included etc. Food is ok. Not bad, not great. But definitely not worth the hassle.
Overall 4.5
Food 6
Service 1
Atmosphere 8
Value 3
Comments of Donna from Tampa Florida
Last Visit: March 2012
We ate at Meknes-Rahma in March 2012 and enjoyed it very much. We had the lentil soup, lamb tagine and for dessert we shared a honey-almond crepe. Moroccan tea was our beverage. The food was delicious and served very hot. The owner was very cordial and solicitous. We recommend this restaurant.
Overall 9
Food 10
Service 10
Atmosphere 8
Value 8
Comments of Zack and Nadia and Saloni from Slough england
Last Visit: September 2014
If you want a Moroccan food experience in my opinion this isn't worth it. The shish kebab was bone dry. Houmous was nice though chicken overdone and dry drinks warm . The toilets had no loo paper and the flush wasn't working. The fact that the place was empty apart from us should have been a good clue!!! The owner was polite and decor fitted the cuisine but food simply awful. I wouldn't eat here again.
Overall 1.75
Food 0
Service 3
Atmosphere 2
Value 2
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