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Restaurante El Aguador

Restaurante El Aguador
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Restaurante El Aguador

Restaurante - Spanish food - paellas - pizzas
plaza romanilla 12
+34 958 523 889
12:00 - 24:00

Restaurante El Aguador:
Restaurante - Spanish food - paellas - pizzas

AlbayzinThe Aguador is a traditional family-run restaurant serving typical Spanish food.

It offers a wide selection of dishes, including grilled meats, rice dishes such as paella and pizzas.

In the summer months, there is a pleasant terraza where you can eat outside.

AlbayzinThe name aguador comes from the men who used to supply water to the houses using containers strapped to a donkey.

It is only in the last 60 years or so that all houses have running water.

Previously water was channelled into Aljibes (large water tanks) and there was a high demand for water deliveries. There is a statue of an aguador outside the restaurant.

AlbayzinThe restaurant is located right in the centre of the city in a semi pedestrian area near to the cathedral.

It is just a short walk to the pleasant Bib Rambla square famous for the flower stalls and just around the corner from the Alcaiceria which is a few streets that have retained a distinct Arab atmosphere and architecture. These are excellent places to visit on a stroll before or after visiting the restaurant.

AlhambraAs well as the dining room and outside terraza there are two bars: one is more modern and the other is more traditional. A wide range of drinks including tapas are on offer.


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Overall 8.5
Food 9
Service 9
Atmosphere 9
Value 8
Comments of Mike Taylor from Dublin
Visit: May 2017
Our hotel was round the corner from here. The pizzas are cheap less than 10€. They do chocolate con churros. The staff were helpful. It is very near the cathedral. Free tapas with every drink.
Overall 7.5
Food 8
Service 7
Atmosphere 8
Value 7

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