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Restaurante Aji
 Restaurante Aji
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Restaurante Aji

Restaurant and tapas bar in San Miguel Bajo in the Albaicín, Granada
San Miguel Bajo 9
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Restaurante Aji:
Restaurant and tapas bar in San Miguel Bajo in the Albaicín, Granada

AlbayzinOn a sunny day Plaza San Miguel bajo is an excellent place to eat. There are 5 restaurants to choose from. The Aji is the newest. Inside the restaurant is a tapas bar and they also have tables and chairs out in the square. We started wih a drink and a free tapa (an interesting cold courgette salad).

AlbayzinWe chose the "menu del dia" which is advertised as 9 euros. If you eat outside they there is a 10% surcharge then on top of that there is IVA. The normal price for a menu del dia in Granada is about 2 euros less than this so we were looking forward to a very good meal.

AlbayzinThe food was well presented and the service was good. I ordered the vegetable soup for starters. Expecting a home-made vegetable soup, but the soup I was served closely resembled a Knorr chicken and noodle packet soup.

The portions were small and as I was hungry I had to supplement the meal with bread. The meal only came with a very small piece of bread and I was quite surprised to be charged over 1 euro 50 extra for the tiny roll they gave me.

This restaurant would be good if you are not really hungry or are on a diet.


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Overall 6.5
Food 6
Service 7
Atmosphere 7
Value 6
Comments of Aine from London
Last Visit: January 2017
I really enjoyed Aji, its one of my favourites - the austrian waiter laughed with us at our spanish and explained the menu del dia in english ;-(. The chicken and meat courses are excellent, all the a la carte courses are really well thought out and full of interesting combinations using fresh ingedients in season. Rather than normal frozen food served in fast food tapas type bars. I love that it serves a good international take on spanish local food. Theres a limit to the amount of tomatos/peppers/fried pototas/ meat one person can take in Granada.! This is excellent well priced restaurant NOT a cheap tapas bar. If you want good quality wine and food at a resonable price for the quality come here. The comment about size of the portions is stupid, I would rather have nice yummy well prepared food that a huge plate of fried fish and greasy chips. Yes it is a little more expensive than usual tourist traps BUT the food is expedientially better - a little more sophisticated is maybe what I am thinking ;-)
Overall 7.5
Food 8
Service 8
Atmosphere 7
Value 7
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