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Bohemia Jazz Café

Bohemia Jazz Café


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Bohemia Jazz Café

The Bohemia Jazz Café is a place where you can find live Jazz and Swing music in Granada.
Plaza de los Lobos 11

15:00 - 02:00 from Sun to Thu, and 15:00 - 03:00 on Fri and Sat

Bohemia Jazz Café:
The Bohemia Jazz Café is a place where you can find live Jazz and Swing music in Granada.

AlbayzinA nice way to spend a Thursday, Friday or Saturdays evening is at the Bohemia Jazz Café from 10:30. Here, you can usually listen to live jazz and swing music while something from their delicious range of mixed alcoholic drinks.

AlbayzinThe Bohemia Jazz Café is beautifully decorated with photos, posters, books and even jukeboxes, typewriters and musical instruments which adds perfectly compliments the ambience created by the music.

AlbayzinAt Bohemia, there's a selection of desserts and ice cream, and hot drinks and coffees, all of which are some of the tastiest and richest you'll find in Granada.


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Comments of Terrence from Boston
Visit: October 2019
The Bohemia Jazz Café is a place frequented mostly by young people and students who wish to take a coffee break and finish off their day with a nice cocktail. With its jazz music softly playing in the background and its old furniture and paraphernalia (film posters and photographs of celebrities striking one with a feeling of Old Hollywood), the Bohemia Jazz Café is a great place to relax. The walls are lined with Jazz Age relics and books, and from what I remember there are about three pianos spread out around the cafe. If you like jazz, you'll love this place! Great atmosphere, great decor, great music, great service, great live performance, great cocktails.