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Campo de Príncipe in Granada

Page updated 12th February 2024

Campo de PríncipeCampo de Príncipe


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campo de príncipe



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This square was once the centre of the Jewish quarter and its name is due to the fact that it was built to celebrate the wedding of the son of the Catholic Monarchs.

cristo de los favores granada

The square was built in 1497 for the wedding celebrations of Isabel and Ferdinand's son Juan although he was actually married in Cantabria. The focal point of Campo de Príncipe is the jasper and alabster statue of Cristo de los Favores. This was paid for by the residents of El Realejo Alto and was installed in 1640. Between 1679 and 1682, the entire province of Granada was devastated by the Bubonic Plague. Fortunately, the Realejo was the area which was least affected and this was attributed to the fact that the residents would pray before the statue. Such was the devotion to the statue that Archbishop Fray Bernardo de los Ríos Guzmán declared that anyone who prayed to the Cristo de los Favores by saying an Our Father and an Ave María would be granted 40 days of pardon. Nowadays, every Holy Friday crowds gather silently around the statue at 15:00 to ask for three wishes.

cristo de los favores granada

The principal attraction of the square is the long line of outside terrace bars. There are about 8 different restaurants to choose from. Just behind the line of restaurants is a childrens play area see photo here.