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La Comino

La Comino


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La Comino

Live performances every evening - night. Flamenco, blues, jazz and other stuff.
Carrera del Darro nº 7

7pm - 3am

La Comino:
Live performances every evening - night. Flamenco, blues, jazz and other stuff.

AlbayzinUnderground cave with nightly performances of Flamenco, Jazz, Blues etc. Many people ask where they can see Flamenco not for tourists. This is the place. This is raw and ready (not for wimps).

AlbayzinIn the map below it is the B just below the word CARRERA

The cave is actually a renovated "Aljibe". An "aljibe" is a water cistern. Not so many years ago the aljibes used to supply fresh water to the the people of the Albaicín. They were filled periodically with spring water and then the residents could get their water from the aljibe. Very rich people had their own personal aljibe but most of the people used the public ones.

AlbayzinA lot of very talented local performers play here. For example Melchor and members of the habichuela family.


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Comments of Peter Barnes from Liverpool
Visit: June 2019
The place is very small - great for an atmospheric flamenco experience. We had some wine and cheese, but this place is about flamenco not food. It was quite crowded and chaotic but I really enjoyed the singer and the guitarist. Some typical tourists sitting next to us seemed to be in bad mood and left early. They should have gone to a flamenco show organised by their hotel. This is a great place to go for an authentic flamenco experience but it is not for the feint hearted. It is a bit noisy crowded and raw.
Comments of Roger from Boston USA
Visit: July 2019
Le Chien Andalou is in a small cave-like cellar that mimics the Sacromonte venues, but is far more conveniently located. We decided this was a good trade-off, and we’d bought €10 “front row” tickets. When we got inside we realized just how small the cave was and how front row we really were. Our seats literally touched the small stage so we moved back two feet to the other side of the table. Even with that move, we were right in the action. The show featured four sets; a solo guitarist, then joined by two hand clapping male singers, then the guitarist and a female singer, and finally the female dancer joined them. The show was great. We know nothing about Flamenco, but all performers seemed to be of good quality and gave heartfelt performances.