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Flamenco and jazz club with live performances.
Cuesta de San Gregorio 24
+34 662 137 046
20:00 - 23:30 (Thursday, Friday)

Flamenco and jazz club with live performances.

AlbayzinEl Tabanco is a flamenco and jazz club. There is an entrance fee but it is worth paying as you get to see some great artists and authentic flamenco singing, guitar and dance. It is a friendly place with a small, intimate atmosphere. It opens on Thursday and Friday evenings.


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Comments of Aaron Bobis from Syracuse New York
Visit: October 2019
El Tabanco is an indispensible venune for Andalusian flamenco tucked away in the steep cobblestone back streets of the iconic Albaicin neighborhood of Granada. There you will find authentic flamenco performances with an emphasis on guitar, marked by spontaneous appearances from local stalwart singers and instrumentalists. You will surely find something different week to week, with everything from jazz to strictly traditional flamenco. The space is intimate, curated and run by a very friendly longtime resident of the building. Cheap drinks and very affordable cover charges make it an excellent respite from the usual commercial tourist venues for flamenco. A natural blend of locals and travelers makes for a genuine, interesting and welcoming experience. If you are interested in learning more about the local flamenco scene, or perhaps taking some lessons in flamenco performance, simply ask the owner or his affiliates to guide you in the right direction. El Tabanco is a gem within the Granada music community. Make sure to call ahead the day of or before to reserve a ticket.