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Page updated 13th January 2020

Museo ArqueológicoMusée ArchéologiqueMuseo Arqueológico
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IMPORTANT - COVID-19: The Alhambra is currently closed until 26th April. All ALHAMBRA TICKETS and GRANADACARDS until this date will, therefore, be refunded automatically.

On the 1st April, the Alhambra will either open or remain closed. If it remains closed, all Alhambra tickets and GRANADACARDS will be refunded automatically for the dates of closure.

If the Alhambra opens on the 27th April, then Alhambra tickets and GRANADACARDS will not be refunded. However, if you are physically unable to reschedule your holiday in Granada because of accommodation or flight problems, then you should contact the ALHAMBRA or GRANADACARD directly to request a refund.

ALHAMBRA: 34858953616 (before May) or +34858888002 (May onwards)

GRANADACARD: +34858880990 or


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Archaeological Museum: 16th century building - Carrera del Darro

archaeological museumThe museum consists of two floors each with several rooms. Each room holds artefacts of a certain period from the Paleolithic through the Roman to the Late Antiquity. The building that houses the museum is also of interest. Its façade dates from 1593 and the porticoed galleries surrounding the courtyard are quite attractive.

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