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El Piano

Vegan fast-food shop in Granada
Calle Santiago, 2 Granada
858 81 56 40
Monday - Sunday: 11.00 - 23.00; Saturday & Sunday: 12.00 - 16.00

El Piano:
Vegan fast-food shop in Granada

AlbayzinThis is a take-away food place with a difference: all the food is vegan and gluten/dairy/nut-free (except for sesame, pine kernels and coconut) and there are also a number of no/low-salt options and even sugarless desserts. Some of the people working here are native English speakers.

AlbayzinThe food is served in biodegradable wooden boats and you can choose up to 4 items per boat for 3€. You can also buy larger amounts in biodegradable plastic-looking tubs. The food is surprisingly tasty and uses a combination of herbs and spices. They also organize cookery classes.


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Comments of John Delfonte from Birmingham UK
Visit: September 2019
We found this shop by chance. As we fancied staying in with a bottle of wine and were too lazy to cook it was ideal. We had 3 boats with a selection of dishes such as onion bhaji, humous, guacamole etc. Once at home the biodegradable wooden boats went straight into the microwave. The food was very tasty, extremely healthy and really cheap (it only cost 9€). If I lived next door to this place I would be in there almost every night. Highly recomended.
Comments of Erica from France
Visit: September 2019
One of the best vegan restaurants out there! Really loved it and we’re not even vegans. The veggieballs and chili sin carne are amazing. We should all support this restaurant to encourage others to try meat-free days and healthier food options.
Comments of Jane and Ingo from Copenhagen
Visit: June 2019
The food was delicious, healthy and inexpensive. A great place for vegetarians!