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Estación de Trenes

Estación de Trenes


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Estación de Trenes

Information about Granada train station.
Avda. Andaluces, s/n
902 240202, 902 432343

Estación de Trenes:
Information about Granada train station.

AlbayzinGranada is not currently on an electric line but in the next few years it will be connected to the high speed network. To get to Malaga it is currently probably best to get the bus mainly because of the train changeover at Boabdilla and because there is a more frequent bus service. If you prefer trains and are not in a hurry this is a good way of getting to Granada. The scenery of Andalucia from the train is wonderful. To see times and prices it is best to go to the website.

AlbayzinThe train station is fairly near to the centre of Granada and it would take about 30 minutes to walk to Plaza Nueva. To get a bus it is best to go out of the station and walk straight ahead for about 200 metres then SN1  which goes down the Gran Via towards the centre. Most people will get off at the cathedral to either go to Plaza Nueva or get on a 31 minibus to hook up with the Albaicín or Sacromonte. The taixis that go from stations in Spain have a supplement. If you want to avoid this just walk up to the main road. The price of a taxi to Plaza Nueva is about 5€. There is more info about local buses here and taxis here


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Comments of Granada Train Spotter from
Visit: August 2019
TAKE THE TRAIN! The journey by slow train from Malaga to Granada passes through some stunning gorges and tunnels that are missed by the bus. It is worth considering the train for a more comfortable and scenic journey. The total one-way price is €15, except for the connection requiring the ARCO train. All journeys require a change at Bobadilla. For Malaga to Granada, the 14.08 departure is best with only a 16 minute wait at Bobadilla, although the 16.55 departure isn't bad. The early morning 07.15 departure from Granada is the best in the other direction with a 20 minute wait at Bobadilla. Bobadilla is a quite, country town with cafes and bars for anyone who does want to have a few hours there. Train No. Type d. Malaga a.Bobadilla d. a. Granada Train No. Type 13901 R-598 07.45 08.34 09.48 11.33 13063 R. EXPRESS 13905 R-598 14.08 14.56 15.12 16.52 13077 R. EXPRESS 13907 R-598 16.55 17.43 18.35 20.17 13065 R. EXPRESS Train No. Type d. Granada a.Bobadilla d. a. Malaga Train No. Type 13064 R. EXPRESS 07.15 08.59 09.19 10.07 13900 R-598 13076 R. EXPRESS 13.50 15.42 19.05 19.54 13906 R-598 13062 R. EXPRESS 17.25 19.01 19.54 21.08 00697 ARCO 21.51 22.39 13908 R-598