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Small shops in Granada are open from Monday to Friday (10.00-13.30; 17.00-20.00) and on Saturdays (10.00-13.30). They normally close on Sundays.

Larger shops and departments stores (Alcampo, Corte Inglés, Hipercor, Mercadona, Carrefour, etc.) are open all day (normally 10.00-22.00), Monday to Saturday.

Shops don't generally open on Sundays although there are some selling basic supplies which do on Plaza Nueva.

Granada has a good range of shops and is lucky in that it still has small, specialist shops in the centre of Granada.

Banks are open every morning from 8.30-14.00 (Monday to Friday).

The main post office is in Puerta Real (mid top) and is open 8.30-20.30 (Monday to Friday) and 9.30-14.00 (Saturdays). There are normally long queues so it is best to avoid it if at all possible. You can buy stamps in tobacconists (estancos) and letters can be posted in any of the yellow post boxes around the town.


The main shopping area is around Puerta Real in the streets Reyes Católicos (Zara), Recogidas (Mango), Mesones and Acera del Darro.


Although not as agriculturally important as it used to be, a lot of produce is still grown either on the Granada "Costa Tropical" with its warmer climate (e.g. tropical fruits such as avocados and custard apples), in the province (Huétor Tájar is close by and famous for its asparagus), or on the vega of Granada - the traditional agricultural area to the south of the city with its low-lying fertile plains (broad beans, artichokes, garlic and onions are some of the typical vegetables grown over the winter). Motril is also an important fishing port and much of the fish sold at the San Agustin market and in fishmongers around Granada comes from here.

The main market in Granada is San Agustin, just behind the Gran Vía (Plaza San Agustín). It sells meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, cheese, ham, etc. and is open Monday to Saturday, 10.00 - 14.00. It is not possible to buy fish on Mondays. The Corte Inglés supermarket in Acera del Darro has a good fish counter with an excellent selection of all kinds of fish and they will prepare and fillet it for you. There are also several fish shops in the Realejo area.

There are stalls selling fruit and vegetables inside the market and in the area around Pescadería. A good stall for nuts, dried fruit and pulses is the one on the corner of Pescadería and Carcel Baja. My favourite fruit and vegetable shop, however, is FRUITERÍA YOLANDA near the market on Plaza Villamena and it always has a good selection of fresh, local produce. There is also an open-air fruit and vegetable market most weekday mornings in Plaza Larga in the Albaicín.

There are quite a few good bakeries around the city but one of my favourites is el PANADERO LOCO (the mad baker) in the street Caldería Nueva. They bake and sell a good selection of brown and wholemeal bread, which they can slice, and also their own home-made biscuits. They also sell healthfood products (e.g. tofu, dairy-free products, etc.).

Most large supermarkets now sell products for special diets but the most centrally located one is probably the CORTE INGLES in the street Acera del Darro. The supermarket is in the basement and there is a special section for dietary needs.

There are several Halal butchers that I know in Granada, both near Plaza Nueva: one is in Calderería Vieja (and is open on Sunday mornings) and the other is in Calle Elvira.

There are a couple of good delicatessens between Gran Via and Calle Elvira. These small shops have an excellent selection of cheese, ham, cold meat, wine, etc. The MANTEQUERÍA HOLANDESA is on the street Joaquín Costa (top right) and the owner takes a real pride in his produce. The other one, the CASTELLANO, is round the corner on the street Almireceros (top right) (Castellano).

There are lots of flower shops in Granada but possibly the best place to go for flowers and plants is the Plaza Bib Rambla. It's a particularly pretty square with its fountain and flower stalls and they will prepare bouquets for you. There is also a plant and flower market on Saturday mornings in Plaza Larga in the Albaicín.

There are several specialist wine shops around Granada and one can be found just off Plaza del Carmen, where the Town Hall is.

Granada and the province of Granada (including the Alpujarras) produce a number of local specialities such as cheese, ham, oil, honey etc. One place where you can try before you buy is the tapas bar/shop AL SUR DE GRANADA at the beginning of the Calle Elvira, just after the Arco de Elvira.



There are lots of 24-hour shops in Granada. There is an excellent one with food, drink, newspapers, Internet, fax, photocopying, etc. in Calle San Anton (see here for more info). There is also one in Plaza Nueva which sells food and drink.



If you need any paper, pens, envelopes, art materials, paints, etc. then the place to go is TAINE on the street Joaquín Costa.

There are a number of shops around the Pescadería area selling habberdashery, lace, etc. One of the best is in a small passageway between Plaza Bib Rambla and Plaza Pasiegas (where the Cathedral is) and is called EL SULTAN. It is an incredibly small shop but it has everything you need for sewing and will even cover buttons for you if you have the material.

The typical souvenirs to buy in Granada are Granada pottery (white background with blue and green designs) and tarecea (marquetry). There are lots of souvenir shops in the area around Plaza Bib Rambla in the Alcaicería and Plaza Nueva. If you go up the Cuesta Gomerez, there is a shop called EL SUSPIRO selling Granada pottery, taracea, tiles and other traditional handicrafts, and the Scottish owner Antonia speaks English.


There is a dry-cleaner's (tintorería) on the Gran Via.

There is a do-it-yourself launderette/laundromat and cybercafé on Ancha de Capuchinos

If you need to get your shoes repaired, then there is a cobbler in the basement of the CORTE INGLES in the street Acera del Darro.

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