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Page updated 218th January 2022

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Granada has long been famous for its water and hot springs, and there are now several in the province of Granada and recently some have been established in the city itself.

The two most important spas in the province of Granada are:


Distance from Granada: 44 km

For centuries people from all over Spain have flocked to the town of Lanjaron in the Alpujarras (where mineral water from the Sierra Nevada mountains is bottled). The spa waters here are said to cure various health and digestive problems and nowadays, people can also enjoy relaxation treaments, massages, etc. The current building was built in 1928 and has an impressive ballroom, gardens, bar, and tennis courts. Famous people who are said to have visited the spa are Virginia Wolf, Betrand Rusell, Manuel de Falla or Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca. The spa is open from February to December and more information can be found on the spa's web page: more info

Alhama de Granada

Distance from Granada: 67 km

Alhama de Granada takes its name from the Arabic word el-hammam meaning thermal waters, because of the hot springs that can be found just outside the village. A pool was first built here in Roman times to take advantage of these waters and those of the River Alhama, and further buildings were then added by the Moors in the 12th century to create an area of rest, relaxation and recovery (the domed pool with its skylights which still exists today). New baths were built in 1800, and following the discovery of a second spring towards the end of the 19th century after an earthquake, the spa became increasingly popular and one of the most important in Andalucía.
The spa is open from April to November and more information can be found on the spa's web page: more info.