Located in High Albaicín
Noted for good quality
low priced menu del dia

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Versión española

Typical "menu del dia" restaurant. You can choose 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 desert from a choice of 3 or 4 items in each category.

The current price of the menu (May 2004) is 6 euros. If you have a drink this will put the price up to 7.

This restaurant is very popular with the locals. It's not a touristy place and it will help if you know enough Spanish to understand when they tell you what is on the menu.

Don't get confused because the "menu" means "menu de dia" (if you want to choose things from the menu (a list of all the dishes) remember that you would refer to this as "la carta".

If you are watching your cholesterol or calorie intake have "boquerones" (fried whitebate) as a main course.

In the summer they also have tables and chairs outside in the evenings.

My only criticism of this restaurant is that if you are sit next to a large group of people having some sort celebratioon, it can get very noisy.

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