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Mesón El Yunque

Mesón El Yunque


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Mesón El Yunque

Traditional tapas bar and restaurant with outside seating in Plaza San Miguel Bajo
Plaza San Miguel Bajo 3
958 223 364
11:30 - 17:00; 18:30 - 00:00

Mesón El Yunque:
Traditional tapas bar and restaurant with outside seating in Plaza San Miguel Bajo

AlbayzinEl Yunque has been open for many years and is one of the original bars in Plaza San Miguel. It is famous for its sangría and still serves a wide selection of "raciones" (plates of food for sharing). The dishes have evolved with time and there are choices to suit all tastes.

AlbayzinFor a starter we had "cogollos de lechuga" (lettuce hearts drizzled with garlic fried in olive oil) which was very tasty, healthy and not too many calories.

The waiter was very helpful and the service was quick.
On terrace bars in Spain the most busy time is about 2.30 which is when Spanish people eat. A good time to go to a "terraza" is about 1.30pm before the rush starts. (this advice is especially useful on weekends).


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This restaurant has been reviewed by 3 people. The figures on the right are the average score out of 10 based on all reviews. There are 3 reviews in English and 0 in Spanish.
Overall 9.25
Food 9
Service 10
Atmosphere 9
Value 9
Comments of Kia from California
Visit: June 2019
We had lunch here and it was one of the best we had in Spain. The Almond Chicken was to die for. The service was very good. The waitress was very kind and helpful and took her time with us (they were not busy). The tapas (with drinks) were good variety. You can not go wrong here.
Overall 10
Food 10
Service 10
Atmosphere 10
Value 10
Comments of Tom from Aberdeen
Visit: May 2019
We had some raciones which were excellent. The atmosphere of the square is very pleasant.
Overall 8.25
Food 8
Service 9
Atmosphere 8
Value 8
Comments of Lorenzo from Stockholm
Visit: August 2019
El Yunque is for my taste the best granadino restaurant in town, their gazpacho is rich and creamy, chopo a la plancha (grilled big white squid) succulent, boquerones (deep-fried fresh anchovies) always light and crisp, fantastic salads full of vegetables and fruit - paella is fine too, rather than the yellow-plastic glop you get in most places. Their papas a lo pobre - a sort of granadino hash of potato slices steamed rather than fried in olive oil, with garlic and green peppers - is simply delicious, and very digestible! The plaza is one of Granada's loveliest spots, with its church-that-was-once-a-mosque on one end and the famous marble crucifix on the other. The owners are flamenco people, an old Albaicin family much loved in the barrio, half-gypsy and half "payo" (non-gypsy), Antonio (the old guy) is a singer, his late wife La Comino was a dancer, and their grand-daughter Osiris who waits on the tables is a history student at Granada University. She is also a very bright and attractive young lady whose gypsy blood is delightfully noticeable! A taxi up there will cost you five€ and you can walk back down to the city in a moment on the scenic Carril de la Lona, coming out at the Elvira Gate.
Overall 9.5
Food 10
Service 10
Atmosphere 10
Value 8