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Arab baths in Granada

Page updated 18th January 2022

Baños árabes en Granadabagni arabi a granada


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There are two types of Arab baths in Granada: the traditional, authentic Arab baths or Bañuelo or the more modern replicas of the traditional Arab steam baths.

There are various old bañuelos in Granada that you can visit and the most important ones are in Carera del Darro which date back to the 11th century (more info) and in Calle Real up in the Alhambra.

The more modern versions have recently become very popular and so as not to be disappointed, it's a good idea to book in advance. There are currently two Arab baths (or Turkish or hammam baths, as they are also known) in Granada, and both provide quiromassages and aromatherapy treatments and various rooms with different temperature pools: Aljibe de San Miguel (more info) and Hammam Al Andalus (more info).

As far back as Roman times, the baths were an extremely important part of daily life. As well as serving a social purpose where people could meet up with friends or business associates, the baths also provided a peaceful place for cleansing and relaxation. The buildings are also of architectural interest with their star-shaped openings in the ceilings to let in the light and arched supports.

Although the aristocracy and royalty would often have baths in their own mansions and palaces, the rest of society would use the public baths with their barbers, hairdressers, make-up artists and masseurs.

For the Arabs in Moorish times, personal hygiene and cleanliness was and still is extremely important and they believed water to be a symbol of purity. The Christians, on the other hand, believed this use of water to be wasteful and in the years following the reconquest knocked down most of the Arab baths in Spain.

Baños Hammam

Hammam - Arab baths in Granada

Hammam Arab Baths in the centre of Granada near Plaza Nueva
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El Bañuelo: 11th century Arabic baths

This is a free entrance museum which will take about 15 minutes to visit. These baths used to be part of the Mosque of the Walnut Tree (Mezquita del Nogal) which previously stood here. They were built in the 11th century and are considered to be among the oldest and most complete baths in Spain.
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Aljibe de San Miguel

Aljibe de San Miguel - Arab baths in Granada

Arab Baths in the centre of Granada near Plaza Trinidad
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