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Plaza Santo Domingo

Page updated 12th February 2024

Plaza Santo DomingoPlace Santo Domingo


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plaza santo domingo granada



plaza santo domingo granada

This church was originally part of the Santa Cruz convent. Construction began in 1512, using tombstones from the former Moorish cemeteries. No one knows who the architect was. Carved between the arches are the shields of the Catholic Monarchs Fernando and Isabel and the Emperor Carlos I, the King and Queen's initials and also the motto "Tanto Monta" which is taken from the expression "Monta tanto, Isabel como Fernando" which means "It makes no difference" or "It comes to the same thing."

plaza santo domingo granada

This was also where the Inquisition Court used to be held and Torquemada, who was one of the first and most notorious heads of the Inquisition in his role as the Inquisitor General, lived here.

There is a statue of Fray Luis de Granada in front of the church.